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Providing genetic solutions for seedstock and commercial beef cattle producers

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Our Services

The need has never been greater for quantifying solutions in beef cattle genetics. In an industry with volatile input versus output equations, the advancing science of DNA and the technology to build tools to quantify genetic potential is relevant for commercial as well as seedstock producers. The demand for genomic evaluation tools in the commercial sector is increasing, as progressive producers require greater precision in meeting end-point targets.

Method Genetics, LLC is a new generation information company designed to provide seedstock and commercial beef cattle producers with relevant genetic selection tools. Producers can now focus on solutions to enhance the market value of their cattle operations and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

The service-based company can benefit a diverse cattle audience with various product and customer service tiers. Genetic technology used to deliver selection tools can impact the breeding, genetic, marketing and profit targets for participating customers.

Method Genetics, LLC works directly with producers to align their cattle records through existing database infrastructures so that key data points are accessible for selection tool development. Tools may be customized based on a particular client’s needs. Unique Method Genetics® selection tools, with seedstock and commercial participants of high priority, provide a competitive advantage over traditional companies delivering genetic information.


Method Genetics, LLC provides genetic selection tools and decision-making assistance related to cattle production.

Examples include:

  • Develop selection tools for seedstock and commercial cattle needs,
  • Provide industry organizations with customized genetic solutions, and
  • Assist producers in implementing genetic values into their breeding programs.

© 2018 • Method Genetics, LLC • PO Box 8802 • Saint Joseph, MO 64508 • (816) 244-0969